ISM Connect

Overcome any inherent inconsistencies through the rationalising of existing class libraries and by imposing consistent and compliant standards

ISM (Information Standards Management)

A solution from AVEVA that empowers you to overcome any inherent inconsistencies.

It achieves this by rationalising existing class libraries and by imposing consistent, compliant standards which information must conform to. It allows for more efficient business processes, without the costs and risks associated with replacing several individual authoring applications. Information Standards Management is available as a SaaS solution through AVEVA Connect, AVEVA’s cloud platform.

Information Standards Management works with all existing information sources and authoring applications. This allows your standards management to not constrain or drive your business requirements in any manner. You are therefore not tied to any particular authoring tool, while your engineers are always free to make use of the best tool for the job.

Business Benefits

Delivers clarity, allowing you to be in control of your data – at all times
Avoid the risk of possible project overruns and costly engineering errors
Industry-standard templates; such as CFIHOS included
Ready to go, out-of-the-box

Additional Benefits

For EPCs

  • Maximises your business efficiency
  • Grows your corporate knowledge base

For Owner Operators

  • Reduce project start-up costs
  • Reduce delays at handover
  • Faster decision-making
  • Reduce costs across multiple projects
  • Increase operational safety
  • Immediate access to a single version of truth, across the entire project