AVEVA Connect

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Progressive People, Operations and Assets

AVEVA Connect is a unified industrial software platform spanning your entire business – from design, engineering and procurement to the optimising of operations and production. It also includes the onboarding and upskilling of your people.

This platform, designed to drive business excellence across asset and operations lifecycles, is assisting the evolution of the industries that are powering our world.

As it is completely scalable, AVEVA Connect offers you a powerful, flexible set of tools for transforming opportunities into business value.

  • Connect your people and remove operational barriers to bring about an empowered, unified workforce.
  • Connect your processes to new capabilities like machine learning, early awareness, dashboards, advanced analytics and more.
  • Connect your asset and operations value chains in order to improve profitability and maximise return on capital.

AVEVA Connect – Features

AVEVA Connect delivers the capabilities that enrich and enable the living Digital Twin. It covers all aspects of the physical item, as well as disciplines – from design to operations and procurement, to workforce empowerment.

Engineer, Procure and Construct

Engineer, Procure and Construct

Reduce cost, time and risk of capital project engineering and execution by applying integrated engineering and design solutions.

Train, Onboard and Upskill

Train, Onboard and Upskill

Be certain that your people are prepared for the real world – safely and efficiently – with innovative Cloud-based simulation and training solutions.

Operate, Optimise and Improve

Operate, Optimise and Improve

Achieve superior visibility and analysis of real-time operations and production processes while simultaneously eliminating inefficiency – and driving performance.

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