Asset Performance Management (APM)

Advance your enterprise by investing in innovative software and improve reliability, efficiency and safety.

Create Lasting Value through Groundbreaking Solutions

Digital transformation holds the power to unlock the potential of your assets. It also empowers you to adopt predictive maintenance (PdM) strategies. Prevent costly failures, reduce downtime and focus on shaping what’s next with the ability to look ahead.

By leveraging Cloud, industrial big data, digital twin, artificial intelligence and augmented reality, our comprehensive Asset Performance Management (APM) software portfolio is designed to transcend contemporary industrial challenges.

With improved analysis at your disposal, you will eliminate inefficiencies while optimising operations and improving profitability.

Of millions saved through predictive analytics
Reduction in maintenance costs
Growth in workforce efficiency
Less unplanned downtime

Data-driven Strategy means Optimal Performance

Through the use of innovative data capture, we work alongside you in developing an APM strategy that balances asset utilisation, regulatory compliance and cost control. We further offer AVEVA Asset Strategy Optimisation, APM Assessments and Consulting Services. Working together, we are able to improve the way your people, technology and processes drive optimal performance.

The Transformation of Data into Actionable Insights

You require the correct information at the right time. Our information management portfolio includes Intelligence, Operations Information Management as well as reporting tools that will enable you to bridge the IT/OT information gap, access data throughout the organisation and analyse that data in order to obtain actionable insights.

Advanced Asset Analytics for Maximum Asset Reliability

In order to be profitable, reliability is required. Through our comprehensive analytics solutions with proactive and predictive maintenance, you will be empowered to prevent costly failures and unexpected downtime.

Asset Maintenance Solutions for Global Collaboration

Leveraging Cloud, mobility and augmented reality, we offer advanced solutions to improve digital workflow management. Our software will empower your team’s ability to collaborate, manage and maintain assets, as well as optimize efficiency on a global scale.

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