AVEVA Dynamic Simulation

Robust engineering and operator training solutions through high-fidelity dynamic simulation

A New Standard for Rigour, Robustness and Simplicity of Use

DYNSIM Dynamic Simulation is a dynamic, comprehensive process simulator that empowers users to meet – and beat – the dynamic challenges of designing and operating a modern process plant profitably and safely.

Through assisting in process design, controls checkout as well as control system design, DYNSIM Dynamic Simulation makes possible process yield improvement as well as the reduction of capital investment costs.

The DYNSIM Dynamic Simulation operator training simulator enables safer operation while assisting in improving performance and productivity.

Dynamic Simulation – from Beginning to End

DYNSIM – the underlying high-fidelity model for operator training simulators – is a robust dynamic simulator that assists in process design and controls checkout and system design.

Improved Performance and Profitability

By aiding process design, controls checkout and control system design, DYNSIM Dynamic Simulation allows for process yield improvement and the reduction of capital investment costs. The DYNSIM Dynamic Simulation operator-training simulator offers safer operation while enhancing performance and productivity.

First Principles of Equipment Models 

DYNSIM Dynamic Simulation’s first-principles models, which include rigorous thermodynamic and fluid flow calculations, add a superior level of robustness and accuracy to dynamic process simulation at your plant. DYNSIM powerfully handles even the most complex plant layouts and systems, through the use of a robust, high-performance solution algorithm.

Connect with PLC and DCS Control Systems

Modern, open software standards interface with other important plant applications, like PLC and DCS control system emulators. DYNSIM Dynamic Simulation also easily connects with control system emulators, so driving operator-training systems with a rigorous simulation foundation. DYNSIM Dynamic Simulation offers an open API, enabling it to connect any third-party simulation system.

Import Existing Process Engineering Simulations

Preserve the equity you have built in any existing PRO/II Process Engineering model. DYNSIM Dynamic Simulation can translate a steady-state PRO/II Process Engineering simulation into a running, dynamic simulation to eliminate tedious data re-entry, so preserving your trusted thermodynamic methods. All that is required is the completion of the process control strategy to operate the plant.

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