AVEVA Contract Risk Management

Maximise workforce productivity, plan in detail and accurately report on the status


Construction Management

By maximising workforce productivity, detailed planning and accurate reporting on status, projects can be delivered on time and on budget. Plan the work – then work the plan with AVEVA.

  • Craft labour accounts for around 40% of construction costs. Yet, almost 70% of a craftsman’s day is taken up by travelling, gathering material or simply waiting idle.
  • Work Pack Management can reduce labour costs by up to 25% – or around 10% of the project cost.

Reporting and Simulation Capabilities

AVEVA’s Construction Management solution enables Workforce Planning, Work Pack Management, as well as reporting and simulation capabilities. Combined, these capabilities enable projects to be delivered on time and on budget. It also maximises the efficiency of craft labour and increasing project control.

Features and Capabilities

Key Benefits to Business

  • Lower Material Costs
  • Improved Project Quality
  • Lower Construction Costs
  • Shortened Timescales

Key Features

  • Graphic, interactive multi-level planning and scheduling.
  • Visualisation of material status and availability.
  • Procurement scheduling.
  • Detailed material requirement analysis.
  • Creation and management of Work Packages.
  • Accurate reporting on project progress.
  • High-level, detailed construction sequence simulation.