AVEVA Batch Management

Maximise your business’ operational performance, flexibility – and compliance

Maximise Performance and Quality of Manufacturing Operations

Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM) is concerned with the optimisation of asset performance, production execution, quality control and inventory operations. The objective is to increase profitability, sustainability and quality, as well as regulatory compliance. MOM is carried out through the use of applications that digitally transform operational processes and information, so increasing operational flexibility and efficiency. 

Companies can use either approach MOM solutions from an equipment-performance perspective, or they can evolve to maximum functionality. Enterprises can standardise processes, so enforcing best practices and consistent reporting. They can also enable the enterprise-wide benefits of multi-site MOM.

Operational Excellence is Within Your Reach

Productivity Increase
Unplanned Downtime Reduction
Less Time-to-decision
Yield Increase

Digital Transformation Powered Your Way – with MES

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Ensuring and Maintaining Order, Effectiveness and Quality in Manufacturing Operations

Minimise costs, maximise asset utilisation, ensure quality and simplify enterprise integration with the most comprehensive set of operations management applications for batch and hybrid manufacturing processes.

Manufacturing Execution System

MES assists in measuring equipment performance KPIs, as well as in the management and execution of production rules and policies for both manual and automated operations.

Insight Performance

Equip end-users and solution builders with a managed, secure cloud solution for collecting, visualising and analysing equipment utilisation and efficiency data.

Line Performance

On-demand reporting and analysis enable fast time-to-value and rapid ROI. Line Performance provides everything you require to visualise and control packaging, optimise output and manage quality.

Recipe Management

Control system-independent recipe management software, used to simplify management of product formulations.

Batch Management

Control system-independent batch management software that can be utilised for the largest multi-product and multi-stream batch operations.