Take your process economics to the next level with AVEVA’s APC model predictive advanced process control

Advanced Process Control is now AVEVA APC. We are making it simpler to understand our products by introducing new names.

Increase Profitability by Reducing Process Variability

In our current-day economic environment, manufacturers are faced with many challenges. These include reduced capital budgets and overheads; rising manufacturing and energy costs as well as ever-increasing global competition.

Comprehensive Advanced Process Control (APC) from AVEVA assists you in addressing complex manufacturing challenges. It does so through the application of state-of-the-art automatic control solutions that are able to extract maximum value from your processes. APC can improve production yield and quality, as well as reduce energy consumption. It can help you to optimise your manufacturing operations and apply the performance improvements you require in order to continuously improve your bottom line.

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AVEVA APC is comprehensive, model-predictive advanced control software that improves process profitability through enhancing quality, increasing throughput and by cutting down on energy usage. It utilises state-of-the-art, modern technology to provide automatic control systems capable of releasing process potential across multiple industries. These include Refining, Mining, Petrochemical and Food and Beverage.

Data Collection and Analysis

AVEVA APC performs a series of process response tests. These tests collect dynamically rich data with minimal or no disruption to normal process operations. Its statistical tools, which include cross-correlation and power spectrum density, allows engineers to analyse signals for cause-and-effect interactions. These tools, in tandem with operational experience, identify significant relationships that characterise process behaviour.

Your Process – A Dynamic Model

AVEVA APC offers tighter control of key process variables, which are based on a dynamic model. Effectively, this de-couples interaction that would occur if the same loops were controlled independently, by single loop controllers. The result means an operating point that is more economically advantageous.

Multiple Model Sets and Gain Scheduling

A unique AVEVA APC feature allows the application of model-predictive control to processes that require multiple models. As an example – in blending applications or seasonal production, AVEVA APC utilises online gain scheduling and can switch automatically between multiple model sets – without switching the controller off.

Linear Programming

A linear programming technique, in conjunction with a steady-state model and an economic performance objective function, allows AVEVA APC to identify the optimum operating point based on maximum throughput, minimum energy consumption – or through a balance between these and other performance objectives.

Control Systems Independence

AVEVA APC integrates with a distributed control system (DCS), a programmable logic controller (PLC)-based control systems and plant information system databases from all major suppliers with ease. AVEVA APC complies with the latest industry standards for data connectivity, like OPC. This allows for direct and efficient access to process data.