Dream Report

Complex reporting made simple

Introducing a Simple Solution for Complex Plant Reporting

Create clear, professionally rendered reports for communication and analysis of transactional and real-time events. Report generation has never been easier. Dream Report allows you to quickly create reports – and have them delivered to anyone, anywhere in the world. Dream Report is no-code software with easy-to-use drag-and-drop, point-and-click configuration. It also allows for the integration of real-time sources and manual data to HMI/SCADA, historians, enterprise software as well as relational databases.

Dream Report Features

Create clean, professional and easy-to-use custom reports for simplifying complex plant reporting.

Easy Reporting

Reduce report development time, simplify report modification and empower transformation of raw data into appealing, information-rich reports.

Blending From the Best

Integrate output from InTouch, MES, Information Server, Historian and Mobile Operator Rounds with ease.

One-Stop Document Management

Automate the creation of complex batch, operator log, OEE, manufacturing execution system (MES), production and energy-efficiency reports – or enter data manually.


Share reports with anyone – anywhere, anytime – using an intuitive scheduling tool that makes distribution simple.