AVEVA Space Management

Create and manage the automatic subdivision of ship hull design.

Create and Manage the Automatic Subdivision of a Ship’s Hull Design with AVEVA Space Management

A space arrangement is defined by an envelope (this is, typically, the shell surface and the upper deck, forming a closed volume) as well as a number of boundaries obtained from the Common Reference Model. It is possible to merge the automatically generated spaces, while spaces from other arrangements – or any closed volumes – can be added or subtracted from the arrangement. All modelling work is carried out on the Common Reference Model. It is never carried out on individual spaces within an arrangement.

As a result, two differing arrangements, created for different purposes, will share many of the modelled boundaries. They will also be topologically dependent on the same boundaries. This reduces the time required to make changes or time spent checking alternative designs.

Capabilities and Features

AVEVA Space Management is particularly effective in the design of more complex ships, including cruise ships, submarines, ferries, naval surface vessels or offshore supply vessels.

Minimises project risk by enabling a ‘what-if?’ approach to decision-making and estimating.

Facilitates increased productivity for General Arrangement-based drawings. For example, fire insulation plans can be automatically created.

Enables advanced customisation, based on the 3D volumes of the vessel.

Increased production efficiency through the optimisation of block structure weight and design.

Better cost control as a result of early and precise estimations of costs and insulation materials.

AVEVA Space Management is an AVEVA Engineer product. It creates schematics, datasheets, engineering lists, diagrams and indexes.