AVEVA Enterprise Resource Management

Efficient Resource Allocation, Planning and Construction

AVEVA Enterprise Resource Management allows Shipyards and EPCs to execute more effective projects. By providing industry-tuned features, it integrates the business-critical processes of engineering & design, planning, materials and construction.

Materials Optimisation
Reduction in the cost of bulk materials
Overall Cost of Project
Total savings off Total Installed Cost
Catalogue Management
Less specification time
Construction Planning
Reduction in Field Labour Costs

Process-driven execution of your complete project

Built specifically for the process plant, marine and power industries, the integrated AVEVA Enterprise Resource Management solution supports the design, procure, construct and delivery process from beginning to end. From Bill of Materials management, procurement and logistics, to fabrication and construction planning and control – AVEVA Enterprise Resource Management creates efficiencies from the automation of initial project planning and material definition.

A robust solution tailor-made for your project execution requirements

AVEVA ERM offers you total control over your entire project. Our software can be configured to your specific needs by integrating with your existing systems and other AVEVA applications. It can also be used on individual project disciplines or phases, or for maximum business benefit. It can be fully integrated into your process, resulting in efficiency gains throughout.

Catalogue Manager

AVEVA ERM’s Catalogue Manager module focuses on many of the typical engineering management challenges and issues that are encountered when working to critical deadlines. These include:

• The need to quickly develop specifications for early estimates or FEED processes, as well as approving changes by revision.
• Potential pollution of the multi-project catalogue, as a result of inconsistency of descriptions or duplicate coding.
• Making certain that both the 3D design team and fabricators are working with the same descriptions and components as materials management.


AVEVA Planning can significantly reduce project cost and delivery time, increasing business efficiency, profitability and competitive advantage. It achieves this by supporting the assignment of all critical resource requirements, including documents, drawings, material and instructions.

It offers a flexible project planning and control system that effectively integrates with other AVEVA and third-party applications. AVEVA Planning enables users to make decisions and act in relation to up-to-date information. It does so by providing the essential closed-loop feedback between planning and control – even across multiple projects.

This makes possible the effective management of resources, as well as the creation of accurate work packages, so promoting maximum schedule adherence and minimum rework in construction.


The AVEVA ERM Material module offers easy access to accurate material information through every stage of a project, from its initial definition, through progressive refinement of all crucial material information, to procurement and on-site delivery.

Smooth integration between planning, design, construction and material management systems empowers both shipbuilders and EPCs to achieve efficient, reliable, cost-effective delivery of high-quality vessels – and projects.

Materials are your greatest expense – and your biggest opportunity. According to McKinsey, material and procurement costs make up 40% of a project’s total installed cost (TIC).

CII suggests that approximately 10% of project waste is allocated to expediting materials as a result of change.


The Production module is a comprehensive and powerful solution for the detailed planning, monitoring and control of the entire lifecycles of fabrication and erection tasks – from their initial creation to scheduling and release, right through to the selection, reservation and distribution of materials.

AVEVA Production links planning, materials and resources. It does so through the integrated AVEVA ERM family or third-party applications, in order to enable fabrication and erection tasks to move forward as planned.

Construction Work Packages that were created during project planning are divided into smaller activities (jobs and work orders) in construction planning, thus ensuring that Installation Work Packages remain a manageable size.

Cloud Enabled

AVEVA ERM can be deployed on your premises or on the cloud, making it accessible wherever an Internet connection is available. Provide your global teams with a robust, scalable and reliable corporate ERM solution. This will enable them to deliver integrated and unified business processes, local as well as global projects in a globally shared environment.

Tap into business-critical benefits on your next capital project

The alignment of all AVEVA ERM modules on a sole database makes it possible for true integration between planning, materials management and other construction processes to be achieved. This enables a progressive deployment tailor-made for business requirements and opportunities, offering measurable and achievable cost and schedule benefits at all stages.

Shortened timescales

• Plan more efficient work schedules
• Predict and prevent bottlenecks and problems
• Avoid delays through optimised material availability and work packaging
• Supports Advanced Work Packaging (AWP)

Reduced costs

• Acquire the right materials at the best price
• Increase efficiency and coordination of working processes
• Ensure that materials are on hand when required
• Minimise waste and surpluses
• Optimise the use of resources

Improved quality of projects

• Trust the quality of your data relating to visibility and material availability
• Benefit from greater control and advanced project monitoring with regards to decision making
• Minimise rework and errors

Project Managers

Delivering against plan is the main priority of Project Managers. ERM facilitates efficient planning as well as project execution, with total control over the complete process to help them deliver timeously and on budget with near-zero claims.

Supply Chain / Head of Procurement

Materials comprise your greatest expense, but it is also your greatest opportunity. Supply Chain and Procurement professionals use the tool for optimising purchasing, thus ensuring the correct materials arrive in the right quantity at the right time.

Construction Manager

AVEVA ERM is used by Construction Managers to develop all the various building blocks of the Project Execution Plan. This includes engineering, installation and construction work packages. It also allows for data-backed decision making with regards to the plan as changes may occur.

Connected Solutions Offers Complete CAPEX Project Control

Offered as a standalone tool, part of an integrated AVEVA solution, or to complement your organisation’s Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system, Enterprise Resource Management offers the flexibility your business requires.


Drive performance and connect all decision-makers within capital project execution when operating and building high-value assets, effectively managing all commercial activity at every phase of the strategic asset’s lifecycle.


Make use of a simple, accessible and secure workflow with AVEVA LFM to capture the 3D baseline of your existing brownfield asset. Minimise delays by aligning modules before connection in modular build greenfield projects.

AVEVA Information Management

Construct a single, trusted source of contextualised information to serve as the core of your Digital Asset for better collaboration and decision making throughout its entire lifecycle.

AVEVA Connect

Apply AVEVA’s secure cloud technology in order to enable deeper insights, more flexibility and improved scalability across your asset and operation’s lifecycles.

IS³ – Trusted by Industrial Innovators

Learn why the world’s industrial leaders across sub-Saharan Africa look to IS³ to drive profitability, efficiency and performance throughout asset and operational lifecycles.

Pioneer Foods

“Pioneer Foods exports to more than 80 countries across the globe. The growing international business represents 21% of operating profit. Without the integration of AVEVA, our vision would not have become a reality with such ease.”

Pioneer Foods

“Pioneer Foods exports to more than 80 countries across the globe. The growing international business represents 21% of operating profit. Without the integration of AVEVA, our vision would not have become a reality with such ease.”