AVEVA XR for Maintenance

Speed up knowledge capture and transfer throughout your business

Speed up knowledge capture and transfer throughout your business

Empowering Operators towards Excellence

Augmented Operations Management offers step-by-step, real-time, easy-to-follow visual operating procedures and key messages to operations personnel. This reduces human error and guides operators to the correct equipment for the performance of specific tasks. Operators also receive information about the location of existing hazards. This is done by superimposing them over the operator’s location, as well as the asset they are maintaining.

Improve Situational Awareness and Increase Safety

Reduced Breakdowns
Reduction in Maintenance Cost
Reduction in Downtime
Increase in Operator Efficiency

Find Out How Augmented Operations Management Fits into an Enterprise Digital Transformation Strategy

Augmented Operations Management

Speed up knowledge capture and transfer between operating teams. Enable faster team collaboration for accelerated problem resolution.

Immersive Training Environment

Operators are connected to dynamic process simulation and panel operator interfaces for total team training through an immersive, photorealistic training environment. This facilitates an experiential learning method with repeatable, structured curriculum for operator assessment and development.

Industrial Software that is World-Renowned

Our industrial software is known globally for reliable collection and intelligent presentation of vital information. With more than 75,000 licenses sold worldwide, our Monitoring and Control portfolio enables organisations to bridge the IT/OT information gap, access data throughout the enterprise and analyse that data to obtain actionable insights.

Hardware Agnostic

A number of hardware platforms are supported, including:

  • Mobile Devices and Tablets
  • 3D Projection
  • AR/MR Wearables
  • CAVE – Multi-screens
  • UHS Screens
  • VR HMD (all types)•


Execute point-to-point navigation to 360 Photo Spheres with interactive 3D objectives for training operations.


Real-time 3D VR offering CAD quality graphics context and full ITS training system features. A Photorealistic VR environment offers high-sensation immersion and real-world training experience.