Modernise your HMI and SCADA system for success now and in the future!

Modernise and Upgrade to ensure you are getting the most from your systems.


There are many possible drivers for the need to modernise or upgrade a system . These can include expansion, hardware or software upgrades, operating system end-of-life, ease of maintenance, and cybersecurity concerns.

Modernisation can help you cost-effectively evolve your current operations by maintaining your application engineering investments as you look toward the future and put the systems and tools in place to grow your business. Ensure your organisation has the confidence to operate now and into the future. Modernising your operations allows you to remain agile in a rapidly changing market environment.

As part of assessing your evolving needs, one of the best and easiest places to start your modernisation journey is to ensure that you’ve upgraded your operations software to the most recent, capable, and secure version.

Here are 4 reasons why you should upgrade:

Here are 4 reasons why you should upgrade:

Time to Flex

Time to Flex

AVEVA flex is the future of industrial software, purpose-built for industry. It empowers you to quickly respond to market dynamics and increase business resiliency through remote, secure, and highly available software. Now, you can simplify how you purchase, use, and manage all your industrial software.

AVEVA Flex Modernisation

The AVEVA Flex Modernisation Offer not only revitalises dormant Wonderware and Citect customers, but it also opens these accounts to the entire AVEVA portfolio with the largest collection of engineering and industrial software available today. AVEVA Flex continues to add new products and include new content available exclusively to AVEVA Flex customers.

AVEVA Flex Modernisation can be quickly calculated/quoted as a percentage of Customer FIRST license value using a percentage of list price of installed software:

Standard: 35% | Premium: 38% | Elite: 41%

Products in the legacy installed base are given an annual credit consumption value and tracked via the Flex credit self- service portal. Legacy product can be selectively deactivated freeing its annual credits to the credit pool to be applied against functional upgrades or new product.

Note: Other Flex offers may not be combined with this.

InTouch Starter/InTouch Unlimited

InTouch Starter/InTouch Unlimited

AVEVA InTouch HMI empowers operators to optimise routine human interactions with industrial automation systems.

InTouch Unlimited ushers in a new industrial operations experience through the power of web and mobile apps, enabling more connected operations and connected workers. It includes rich reporting and analysis capabilities for operational and compliance reporting through AVEVA Reports for Operations and AVEVA Historian.

AVEVA Historian is only included in the InTouch Unlimited Premier edition.

AVEVA Customer Success Accelerators

Discover how you can you realise maximum value with AVEVA Flex, we have a comprehensive set of services to help accelerate your time and value as you adopt, maintain, and optimise your software.

Here’s how we can elevate your digital experience

Personalised consultations

We offer tailored consultations to assess your needs, evaluate your current software and account status, and provide guidance for modernisation and activation.

Flexible Licensing

We can provide you complete flexibility in how you purchase, design and use your industrial software.

Tailored solutions

Following the consultation and assessment, we’ll create customised solutions to address your specific needs. This may involve suggesting software upgrades or devising a plan to reactivate accounts, all aimed at aligning with your business goals.

Expert Guidance

Our experienced team excels in software modernisation and account reactivation. We’ll offer expert support, answering questions, resolving concerns, and sharing best practices for a successful and seamless transition.

Training and Support

We recognise the need for training and support when adopting new software and reactivating accounts. We provide extensive training programs and continuous support to ensure you and your team can fully leverage the advantages of modernised software and activated accounts.

Seamless Migration

If you choose to upgrade your software, we’ll help you migrate your current data and configurations smoothly, minimising disruptions. Our team ensures a seamless transition to the latest software version, minimising downtime and enhancing operational efficiency.


Frequently asked questions related to software modernisation and account activation with AVEVA.

How Do I Start?

How Do I Start?

Is your upgrade path in place? A great place to start in making system upgrades easier is with an AVEVA Flex subscription. AVEVA Flex offers you full control over your software, the ability to flexibly reallocate your investment as you see fit, and a far lower upfront cost than perpetual license upgrades.

Customer FIRST is also a great way to stay on track with upgrade incentives and knowledgeable teams to help every update go smoothly.

Where do I go from here?

Where do I go from here?

Simply fill out our form, and one of our technical specialists will contact you to assist you!

What is software modernisation?

What is software modernisation?

Software modernisation is the process of updating and upgrading existing software systems and applications to improve their functionality, performance, and security. This can involve migrating to a newer version of the software, redesigning or re-architecting the system, or adopting new technologies to stay competitive.

Why is software modernisation important?

Why is software modernisation important?

Software modernisation is important because it helps businesses to stay competitive, enhance their operations, and achieve their goals. By updating their systems, businesses can unlock new features and capabilities, improve performance and efficiency, enhance security, and reduce the risk of cyber threats. Modernisation can also help businesses to integrate with new technologies and third-party systems, stay current with industry standards, and support future growth.


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