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Get Ready To Launch Into The Future!

14th February 2022

Benefits of Attending X-Change

We will bring you closer to your future by revealing exclusive industry trends and developments that will help position and strengthen your brand in shaping the future of your plant’s efficient operation.

  1. Learn About Innovation, Strategies and Technology
    New strategies and innovations in our industry happen all the time. Attending the conference can help you stay up to date through the educational breakout and keynote sessions on technologies such as Industrial IoT, Cloud, Big Data, Digital Twin, and VR.
  2. Realise how the AVEVA Portfolio can Transform Your Operations
    Discover where AVEVA software is heading, their new releases and how it can potentially impact your success. The breakout sessions will cover pertinent issues such as reducing manufacturing operations costs and improving agility.
  3. Expand Your Network with People from Across All Industries
    Networking is at the centre of X-Change! You will have time to network with peers, new prospects, the IS³ sales and technology team and be able to collaborate, hear new ideas, and validate or change your perspective.
  4. Drive Your Future with Current Industry Developments and Trends
    Hear what the leaders and your peers in the industry are doing to compete in these challenging economic times. Industry-specific forums will cover important topics such as compliance with regulatory requirements, increasing efficiency and reducing costs with automation.
  5. Experience Live, Relevant Product Demonstrations
    X-Change is the best opportunity to keep up to date with the latest industry software and technology trends. We will ensure that your business and its processes are as profitable and efficient as possible through our deep-dive product demonstrations.
  6. Discover a Tailored Expo Experience with Industry-Leading Exhibitors
    At the IS³ stand we will take you on an end to end journey to show you how IS³ and AVEVA solutions can perfectly adapt to all your needs at any stage of your plant’s lifecycle, from design to inception, monitoring to predictive maintenance and beyond. You can also engage with prominent companies from across the industry that will be exhibiting at X-Change.