What Are Maintenance and Support Programs?

The Wonderware Customer FIRST Software Maintenance and Support Program is a flexible portfolio of services that help protect and extend the value of your Wonderware products and solutions across their entire lifecycle.

A Customer FIRST Agreement is a formal service relationship with Schneider Electric that enables access to the latest software upgrades, expert technical assistance, self-help tools and a wide range of additional services to help you improve your operational effectiveness.

Your software investment extends well beyond the initial purchase and installation price of the software itself.

Extracting maximum competitive advantage requires constant maintenance, upgrade and tuning to meet emerging business and operational challenges. The award-winning Wonderware Customer FIRST program offers a wide array of support service programs to keep your company’s competitive edge sharp, including the following:

  • Software upgrades, to be sure your teams are armed with the most advanced Wonderware versions
  • Global access to technical support experts, to ensure that all best options are in play
  • Software utilities, including a massive global customer support website and tools for software asset management
  • A wide range of optional services and system management applications to help manage, optimize and use Wonderware software to its fullest potential

The business case

Choosing the right service plan not only pays for itself many times over, it can also maximize the return on your entire industrial software investment, in at least the following ways:

  • Protect Critical Investments — Customer FIRST agreements wire you in to product enhancements and the latest industry advances, so you can be confident that your software and applications are truly state-of-the-art
  • Maximize Asset Performance — Keeping your Wonderware software operating at peak, is a great way to maximize return on your investment in all plant assets
  • Reduce Total Cost of Ownership — Reduce TCO by minimizing downtime and process interruption and improving operator productivity

Our Mission: Your Success

Learn more about how software maintenance and support can be a competitive strategy that helps sustain and improve operational performance.

What you should know about your support and maintenance program

IS³ offers comprehensive, award-winning support and services to help customers protect and extend the value of software products and solutions. Find out more.

Do You Need a Service Level Agreement?

IS³ delivers Customer FIRST benefits through Service Level Agreements. More and more of our users are finding these the best way to extract maximum value from their software investments. Your answers to the following questions can help you determine whether you can benefit as well:
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  • How quickly can you identify a system (or software) issue if an unexpected malfunction occurs?
  • Do you have in-house experts around the clock to quickly troubleshoot and resolve issues?
  • Can you benefit from a single Schneider Electric point of contact for technology-related questions?
  • Do you need better coordination for your support-related issues and problem resolution?
  • Are maintenance costs difficult to budget?
  • Is your team trained for maximum utilization of your Wonderware system?
  • How quickly do you require corrective assistance?
  • How secure is your system against cyber security threats?
  • Do you need a Schneider Electric System Expert to augment your engineering staff

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, chances are good that you could benefit from the IS³ Customer FIRST program could benefit you.


Software Upgrades

Wonderware software is generally upgraded twice a year to further improve performance and security, incorporate new technology and provide new functionality to meet evolving market demands. Software upgrades give you the power to improve the reliability and capability of your software application and extend new functionality to others in your company. [show_more more=”Read More” less=”Show Less”]Schneider Electric has an unparalleled history of investing in software development — clients using our software can maintain their engineering investment and seamlessly upgrade from one version to the next. We are very proud of this deliberate R&D practice because it allows our clients to keep their software current without adding significant capital and engineering costs.


Global Access

For most industrial enterprises, troubleshooting industrial software technical issues is a diversion from their core business. The IS³ Customer FIRST program frees our users from that by streamlining access to experts with years of experience in supporting Wonderware installations throughout the world. They are adept at understanding software implementation issues, replicating problems and resolving them quickly.

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A customer FIRST agreement also gives access to extensive online self-help, online product training, dedicated and collaborative Web portals, and a vast knowledge base of technical tips, tools and best practices.


Software Utilities

Schneider Electric also builds Wonderware system utilities and new services to help clients achieve even greater productivity, including:

Wonderware Software Asset Manager (SAM) – This optional utility enables license inventory management and patch management services. It conveniently discovers and reports on installed Wonderware licenses and streamlines the process of patching and upgrading your Wonderware software.

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Global Customer Support (GCS) Website – The GCS Website is a collaborative information repository supporting Wonderware software applications. From the latest news, patches and updates, to compatibility information, demo applications, best practices, blogs and forums, and access to experts, the GCS Website is invaluable.

Customer FIRST has distinct program levels designed to give you the level of support your business needs. Depending on what Wonderware software you need to cover, the following benefits are possible:

  • Award-winning technical support – Get access to 24/7/365 technical support, with expert assistance throughout the software lifecycle
  • Software upgrades and enhancements – Get free version upgrades and the latest fixes, patches and service packs for your software
  • Software Utilities – Leverage a growing stable of software utilities, including: the Wonderware Software Asset Manager, to quickly and easily track and manage your Wonderware software licenses and apply security and performance software updates at multiple locations; and the Customer FIRST Benefits Mobile App, to get a quick overview of your support and services agreement
  • Optional Services and System Management – Enjoy access to a wide array of optional services and discounts, based on the needs of your business and your budget

The exact features vary with the Wonderware software you own.


Putting IS³ to Work for You

To enroll in a IS³ Customer First program,
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