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PCS Global
Certified System Integrator Partner

About PCS Global

PCS Global was founded in 2014 and is a Certified System Integrator for Wonderware. The company’s four Wonderware-certified engineers are well versed in the application of InTouch (HMI/SCADA), System Platform, Historian, and InTouch Machine Edition.

PCS Global operates mainly in the HMI/SCADA, control and MES environments within the food and beverage, metals and mining, pharmaceutical, discrete manufacturing, energy, and power industries.

One of the company’s founding pillars is the desire to form long standing partnerships. Essentially this philosophy is the foundation of their company and is the vehicle through which they ultimately deliver value to their clients whether through complete turnkey solutions or standalone services.

A chat with Zunaid Khan – Technical Director

We asked Zunaid about PCS Global, their relationship with Wonderware and their customers as well as his views on the current state of the industries they address. This is what he had to say:

  • How did you get started in the business of industrial process control and industrial IT?
    Some may say by coincidence, but while I was studying engineering, my preferred elective of robotics was full and I had to settle for a seat in a “PLC” related class. Little did I know where this would lead. Years on, PCS Global was founded by a group of dedicated individuals, seeking to provide professional technical solutions to the markets’ complex problems by means of an innovative approach.
  • What is the significance and importance of Wonderware certification to you?
    Having Product Certified Resources breeds confidence amongst our employees which filters through to clients (new and potential). This positions us on the perfect platform to deliver projects of the highest quality to our clients.
  • Why did you choose Wonderware as a solution supplier?
    With Wonderware being an industry leader in HMI, SCADA and MES software we decided to add the product to our portfolio. Wonderware’s ability to communicate to a wide range of devices coupled with or without 3rd party software makes it a winner. Credit needs to be given to Wonderware’s Technical Support team who are always willing and able to assist.
  • How does certification improve your business?
    Clients and potential clients are at ease knowing that projects will be implemented by experienced and competent professionals.
  • What trends and challenges are you seeing in your industry?
    The influx of new technologies, largely related to industry 4.0. present some challenges with clients not opting for full blown solutions as much as before. We have accepted this challenge and we are currently involved in various R&D Endeavours within this field.
  • How has PCS Global grown and changed in the past year and where do you see yourself in the next year or two?
    PCS Global has grown year on year, starting with our Head Office in Midrand. We have successfully expanded our footprint to Namibia, West Africa, Zimbabwe and very soon to Oceania.

Zunaid Khan

Technical Director

In a nutshell…

The Turn-Key Approach:

  • PCS Global happens to be in a unique position, being a multi-skilled versatile company, they have allowed themselves to combine all their offerings together to improve their competitiveness within the market. They have the capabilities to offer the supply and manufacture of Low Voltage Equipment, Control System Equipment, Industrial IT infrastructure, instrumentation, Installation, and commissioning, along with service and support.

Plant design and manufacturing:

  • PCS Global has invested intensively in the optimization of their design and manufacturing processes. They use Eplan pro Panel as a platform for their designs and procurement.Their business processes are further optimised by Kanban – a work flow visualization platform, in line with ISO 9001.


  • PCS Global aims to become the leading Global System Solutions partner for process control and automation.
  • PCS Global facilitates an environment that encourages thinking out of the box and inspires its employees to expand and grow with us.
  • PCS Global aspires to be at the forefront of technology and aims to be the leaders in driving and implementing the latest technologies and innovations into the market.


Here’s a brief list of where PCS Global has implemented Wonderware solutions and enabled customer success: