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BCX Industrial Solutions

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A talk with Louis van Wyk – Managing Executive

We asked Louis about BCX Industrial Solutions, their relationship with Wonderware and their customers as well as his views on the current state of the industries they address. This is what he had to say:

  • How did you get started in the business of industrial process control and industrial IT?
    From a very young age I saw engineering as my future because I loved developing solutions to overcome its challenges. One of my personal goals was to have a company of my own and so industrial automation and Advansys became the perfect vehicle for both these ambitions.
  • What is the significance and importance of Wonderware certification to you?
    Product certification is very important to us. Having our systems engineers certified in the products they integrate, instils confidence in our customers that the integration will be done in accordance with best practices so as to ensure consistent, superior quality projects. This is paramount to our reputation as a system integrator.
  • Why did you choose Wonderware as a solution supplier?
    Wonderware has market-leading products. The combination of capability, flexibility and ease of use of the full suite of products offered by Wonderware is second to none. The range of products offers our customers a complete solution for their HMI, SCADA and Operations Management requirements. The user-friendliness of the products contributes to simplicity when managing plant operations. The professional support offered by Wonderware and the competent system integration channel gives customers the peace of mind that comes from knowing that they’re in capable hands.
  • How will certification improve your business?
    Certification assures our customers of our capabilities in delivering successful projects with the complete Wonderware product suite. Customers often request this assurance. As a leading Wonderware endorsed system integrator, Advansys has always viewed certification as a priority that instils confidence in our delivery.
  • What trends and challenges are you seeing in your industry?
    Our customers are experiencing an increasing skills shortage and it’s become our job to provide these needed skills. Our position has always been to not simply deliver a project and walk away. We rather partner with our customers and build a strong relationship with them in order to continue providing quality solutions in an atmosphere of trust. In this way, we can also share knowledge between various industries and help our customers join the ranks of worl-class manufacturers.
  • How has Advansys grown and changed in the past year and where do you see yourself in the next year or two?
    As a result of our ability to adapt quickly to changing industry needs and challenges, Advansys keeps growing year on year. Our aim, however, is not to grow in resource size but more in the growth of our people. That way we can control the quality of project delivery and ultimately save our customers money. We believe there are many ways our customers can lower costs! All it needs is to think outside the box. Keep things simple on the operations side, spend the time in design and, above all, innovate. These are the key elements to what we refer to as the direct approach. Never say never, we hear this too often. The world is changing at an ever faster pace and affecting industrial operations. For companies to keep up with that change in a dynamic way, they need dynamic partners.
  • Is there anything else you would like to add?
    Advansys has always had a solid relationship with Wonderware. We have a mutual respect for our businesses and believe in the future success that lies in partnering to create business opportunities and ultimately, happy customers.
SI Spotlight - BCX

About Business Connexion Industrial Solutions

With over 30 years of operational experience, the Business Connexion Group (fully owned subsidiary of the Telkom Group) is one of the largest Information and Communication Technology (ICT) providers in Africa in terms of turnover, assets under management and staff complement.

With over 8000 employees across Africa, the UK and Dubai, the company combines insight, experience, global vendor partnerships and extensive technological resources with the commitment to deliver innovative business solutions to its customers. As part of the Telkom Group, BCX has unique access to Telkom’s suite of Business and telecommunication services.

BCX Industrial Solution is a division of Telkom/BCX and operates in all vertical markets but has specifically deep industry specialisation in the food and beverage, mining as well as the oil and gas industries.

In a nutshell…

Managed Services
End-user computing requirements and support as well as enterprise-level solutions and services based on SLAs and ITIL disciplines.

Data Centre Services
Network solutions, facilities management, consulting, operations monitoring, data centre hosting as well as database and infrastructure management. Also servers, storage and backup facilities.

Cloud solutions
All aspects of Cloud computing and management.

Enterprise Resource Planning
SAP application, technical support, implementation, hosting Cloud services and HANA (High-Performance Analytic Appliance)

Application and Software Services
Microsoft and applications life cycle management.

IT Management Services
Process, project and asset management as well as IT Assurance services.

Specialised Solutions
Industrial, HR and Retail solutions connected by a “nerve centre” of expertise.

Networking and Communication
All aspects of unified communications, security, connectivity and networking.

Hardware Platform
Includes end-user hardware and support services.

Business Consulting
ICT resource optimisation and life cycle management coupled with enterprise-wide strategic initiatives.

Training Services
Netcampus offers training across a large range of topics available through human-taught classes and various aspects of e-learning.

Case Studies

BCX has successfully implemented Wonderware solutions at many clients, including Aspen (end of line upgrade), Simba, SAB, Pioneer Foods, Afrox (welding upgrade and recipe manager) and Tiger Brands (new Health-Care line).

Watch this space for links to these articles as they become documented.