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AGE Technologies (Pty) Ltd.

Certified System Integrator Partner

A talk with Rolf Zoller – Director

We asked Rolf about AGE, their relationship with Wonderware and their customers as well as his views on the current state of the industries they address. This is what he had to say:

  • How did you get started in the business of industrial process control and industrial IT?
    This has always been the core business of AGE which was formed to transform the knowledge and expertise of its founders into reality.
  • What is the significance and importance of Wonderware certification to you?
    Certification gives our customers peace of mind when dealing with us. They are aware of Wonderware’s global reputation for excellence of products and service.
  • Why did you choose Wonderware as a solution supplier?
    Wonderware products are widely used in South Africa and Africa as a whole and are often specified as the required SCADA solution by our clients.
  • How will certification improve your business?
  • Certification will help in the marketing of our company and strengthen our relationship with existing and prospective customers.
  • What trends and challenges are you seeing in your industry?
    In these trying times, most companies are cutting back of CAPEX and I firmly believe that our biggest challenges currently have to do with unsure markets.
  • How has AGE grown and changed in the past year and where do you see yourself in the next year or two?
    We’ve grown our business through diversification, entering into new market segments such as renewable energies and the supply and support of instrumentation products.
SI Spotlight - AGE Technologies

About AGE Technologies

Founded in 1985, AGE is a long-standing South African company that provides professional system integration of automation and electrical engineering projects. From concept to design, to final commissioning and maintenance, AGE is there at every step of the way.

The company’s mission is to provide power, energy and control system solutions and products to meet their customers’ requirements and objectives in a cost effective manner.

AGE operates in most sectors of industry in the domains of SCADA and HMI as well as industrial IT. To this end, the company has two Wonderware-certified engineers for System Platform, InTouch, Historian and Flow Software.

In a nutshell

Design and specification

  • Power management.
  • Control solutions
  • Instrumentation
  • Management Information Systems
  • Overall Equipment Efficiency (OEE)
  • Electrical reticulation.
  • Electrical Schematic and documentation
  • Network layout
  • Telemetry
  • Installation, Design Operation and Maintenance (IDOM) – including documentation.


  • Servers
  • Full PLC engineering and integration.
  • Network and CONTROL PANELS
  • Junction boxes
  • Motor Control Centres (MCCs)
  • Distributed Control Systems (DCS)
  • Containerised solutions – Pre-packaged solutions ready to operate at remote sites.

Case Studies

AGE Technologies has successfully implemented solutions at Zimplats, Bridgestone and UNB. Watch this space for links to these articles as they become documented.

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