One Business, One Tool

From feedstock data management, trading, plant, and network optimisation, to scheduling and process unit monitoring, a single source of knowledge allows enterprises to share and communicate decisions between diverse teams, and across global locations.

The result is a solution that better explores opportunities, reduces operational risk, and shrinks the gap between plan and actual results.

Plan and Schedule

With specialised workflows in each module helping users quickly and consistently contribute, Plan and Schedule lets you take advantage of the knowledge repository at the heart of the solution, while still providing the flexibility to work as you need to. The scalable and modular architecture lets you focus on the core business and adapt the tool as required.

Changing operations, changing crude qualities and changing prices requires accessible decision support tools. Enterprise Crude Knowledge Management is the first system allowing organisations to easily maintain, improve, and distribute their crude oil experience across broad user groups. Focus on the fast changing qualities, pricing, and knowledge, not the software.

Operating your assets safely, profitably, and reliably requires responsive decision support tools. The Plan module in Spiral Suite makes building models, analysing scenarios, and sharing results straightforward. Flowsheet graphical representations makes modelling easy and maintainable, while fast optimisation, built-in analytics, and flexible reporting help users react to new information and share decisions quickly and confidently. Focus on the economics and engineering, not software.


Understanding plant operations and reacting to change requires flexible decision support tools. The Schedule module in Spiral Suite provides fast, accurate, and transparent information and visibility on current and future activities, with the flexibility to solve short-term problems and highlight drift from long-term goals. Focus on operations and collaboration, not the software.

Managing multiple locations and complex logistic constraints requires scalable decision support tools. The Network module in Spiral Suite lets enterprises understand the opportunities for using their assets as one, identifying economics that can help meet operational and retail challenges side-by-side.

Build Knowledge, Build Process, Build Profitability