Maximise Value Across the Operations Value Chain to Improve Profitability

Synchronise production and industrial operations with business objectives, to obtain the speed and flexibility required for sustained competitiveness.

AVEVA solutions eliminate costly inefficiencies by standardising operational processes across the enterprise to improve performance, regulatory compliance, and collaboration. In addition, our real-time optimisation solutions enable you to maximise profits.

Reduction in Operating Costs
Increased Productivity
Increased Yield
Shortened Time-to-decision

Reduce costs, safeguard quality, maximise asset utilisation and sustainability, and achieve consistent enterprise integration across the business. Enjoy the most comprehensive set of operations management applications for batch and hybrid manufacturing processes.

Reduce costs and maximise profitability with real-time information on operational processes. Optimise material movements, reduce quality giveaway, and secure customer satisfaction by tracking your inventory quantities and qualities across the entire value chain in near real time.

Drive higher levels of productivity and collaboration across people and systems through digital workflow management.


Monitor, control, and optimise performance to deliver the maximum benefit.

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