Saryx Engineering Group receives Wonderware Certification - IS³ | AVEVA Select Partner

The goal of Wonderware’s system integrator (SI) certification programme is to improve the excellence of industrial process control and industrial IT implementations that use Wonderware solutions. Certification is also one of the most important buying criteria for end users and one of the SI’s key selling features for Wonderware-based systems.

Wonderware’s Certification and Competency Programme gives industrial and manufacturing companies using or contemplating the use of  Wonderware industrial automation and information software solutions the peace of mind that the system integrators they are considering know how to get the most functionality from Wonderware software. Certification includes rigorous training, meeting stringent examination criteria and proving the successful implementation of the product(s) in question. Certification also represents an important personal achievement and career milestone for the individuals concerned.

By being certified for Wonderware’s System Platform, Saryx Engineering has become such a solution provider. The company has proved its capability to cope with extreme challenges such as the stabilisation of RBCT’s Terminal Control System. This involved nothing less than the replacement of the entire SCADA system of Africa’s largest coal export facility with System Platform. This highly complex and extensive control system modernisation initiative was done without process disruption and against a tight timeline.

“I think that this appointment simply adds credibility to a very capable and talented team of engineers and developers,” says director Ingrid Osborne.  “It’s great to have our work recognised; we know that our services are of an exceptionally high quality and this simply confirms it. We are very proud of this achievement and the projects that we have successfully completed.”

Saryx Engineering is involved with implementations ranging from SCADA/HMI to MES/MOM and Industrial Information Management (IIM). Multiplying this range of applications across multiple industries challenges the company to provide the depth and breadth of knowledge as well as the resources required to ensure customer success, but Ingrid believes that Saryx and Wonderware solutions are well up to the challenge.

“We feel that Wonderware solutions give us the freedom we need with regard to product integration. For example, in a recent project we were able to easily connect with Gensym G2, an Oracle database and an external SQL database – all without any workarounds. This flexibility allows us to design solutions that fit the existing plant and infrastructure. We find the products very user-friendly and, with some training, users easily grasp the new concepts and feel confident in taking back support of their new control system once the project is completed.

“In addition, Wonderware solutions definitely decrease the development time required to implement a complete solution which enables us to price very competitively. With Wonderware solutions we are able to provide stable and reliable solutions with proven products that we know will get the job done.”

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