ICS Trading gets Wonderware certification - IS³ | AVEVA Select Partner

The goal of Wonderware’s system integrator (SI) certification programme is to improve the excellence of industrial process control and industrial IT implementations that use Wonderware solutions. Certification is also one of the most important buying criteria for end users and one of the SI’s key selling features for Wonderware-based systems.

Wonderware’s Certification and Competency Programme gives industrial and manufacturing companies using or contemplating the use of  Wonderware industrial automation and information software solutions the peace of mind that the solution providers with whom they collaborate on projects know how to get the most functionality and capabilities from Wonderware software. Certification includes rigorous training, meeting stringent examination criteria and proving the successful implementation of the product in question. Certification also represents an important personal achievement and career milestone for the individuals concerned.

By being certified for Wonderware’s System Platform, ICS Trading is such a solution provider. The company has a proven track record of providing new and upgrade industrial automation installations in the food and beverage, chemical and mining industries. The company is also involved in the monitoring and control of refractories.

“Being a Wonderware-certified system integrator is important to us because it’s a milestone achievement for our company and also because we believe it will open doors for us,” says MD Brian Swindells. “But it goes beyond that because proficiency with Wonderware products improves the ease with which solutions can be developed and transferred from one developer to the next. These are key attributes for us as well as our customers.”

To date, ICS Trading has been mainly involved with Wonderware’s SCADA/HMI and Historian products as well as InBatch and Recipe Manager. “We use Wonderware solutions to assist us in optimising various processes, identify bottlenecks, provide actionable reports and improve reliability in order to increase throughput,” says Swindells.

With a sluggish South African industrial economy, companies are looking for ways to optimise the use of existing resources and this is a good match for ICS Trading’s business model.  “Our main focus is not to continuously get more clients but rather to give good service to our existing base and assist them in the process of continuous improvement. We believe that the Wonderware range of products can help us achieve this goal,” adds Swindells.

For more information on what Integrated Control Systems Trading can do for you, visit www.icst.co.za or contact Brian Swindells at briansw@icst.co.za