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ECI Automation appointed as registered Wonderware SI

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The goal of Wonderware’s system integrator (SI) registration and certification programme is to improve the excellence of industrial process control and industrial IT implementations that use Wonderware solutions. Such an appointment is also one of the most important buying criteria for end users and one of the SI’s key selling features for Wonderware-based implementations.

Wonderware’s Certification and Competency Programme gives industrial and manufacturing companies using or contemplating the use of  Wonderware industrial automation and information software solutions the confidence that the solution providers with whom they collaborate on projects know how to get the most functionality and capabilities from Wonderware software. These SIs have had to undergo rigorous training, meet stringent examination criteria and prove the successful implementation of the product(s) in question. Such an appointment also represents an important personal achievement and career milestone for the individuals concerned.

Established in 2014, ECI Automation helps industrial customers meet their business objectives by providing leading technology and services, project management experience and staffing solutions. Products and services can be tailored to meet process automation needs that best suit each customer while helping them to streamline plant processes and reduce running cost.

By being registered for Wonderware’s System Platform and InTouch solutions, ECI Automation has joined the ranks of world-class industrial solution providers focusing on SCADA/HMI implementations in the automotive, FMCG, pulp and paper, mining, water treatment as well as the food and beverage industries with the power generation sector soon to be added to the list.

“Being a Wonderware-registered system integrator is important to us because not only can we improve our customer relations through professional support but we are also able to provide them a greater range of solutions,” says company director Jacques Meyer.

According to Meyer, what appealed to ECI most about Wonderware solutions were the company’s world-leading real-time historian and the level of support provided.

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