AGE Technologies gets Wonderware certification - IS³ | AVEVA Select Partner

The goal of Wonderware’s system integrator (SI) certification programme is to improve the excellence of industrial process control and industrial IT implementations that use Wonderware solutions. Certification is also one of the most important buying criteria for end users and one of the SI’s key selling features for Wonderware-based systems.

Wonderware’s Certification and Competency Programme gives industrial and manufacturing companies using or contemplating the use of  Wonderware industrial automation and information software solutions the peace of mind that the solution providers with whom they collaborate on projects know how to get the most functionality and capabilities from Wonderware software. Certification includes rigorous training, meeting stringent examination criteria and proving the successful implementation of the product in question. Certification also represents an important personal achievement and career milestone for the individuals concerned.

By being certified for Wonderware’s System Platform, AGE Technologies JHB is such a solution provider. The company has a proven track record of providing professional system integration services in sixteen African countries for automation and electrical engineering projects into various industries such as automotive and F&B as well as mining, minerals and metals among others.

“Being a Wonderware-certified system integrator is important to us because it confirms to everyone that we have the capability and expertise to implement ArchestrA-based applications and solutions,” says Rolf Zöller, Director, Control Systems Sales. “What appealed to us about Wonderware solutions is that they are easily integrated into almost all control systems currently on the market. Also, training and professional support is always available.”

System Platform is based on ArchestrA technology and enables companies to easily and seamlessly connect all of their control systems with one common, tightly-integrated and secure infrastructure, no matter how many operations they have or how geographically dispersed they are.

“So far, most of our projects are SCADA/HMI-based and use System Platform to build and set reusable standards which are available and maintained at a central server. We also capture plant data in a Historian for all forms of reporting such as production statistics, downtime and maintenance as well as for plant performance analysis,” adds Zöller. “However, we are also looking at getting more involved in the MES business, helping our manufacturing customers with manufacturing execution systems, tracking and workflow.”

In the short term, AGE Technologies JHB aims to implement more Wonderware products in various breweries making traditional African Sorghum Beer, as well as an MES system at a company making products used in the mining industry.

“Wonderware is a worldwide-known brand that is respected by the market,” says Zöller. “It may not always be the cheapest solution, but knowing that there is continuous spend on R&D which is proven by their annual releases, gives one a feeling of real security which is worth the extra investment. We believe that partnering with Wonderware and their team of experts will in turn grow our business.”

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