Lossless Compression,
Whatever the Scale

With more than three trillion events archived by eDNA Enterprise Data Management servers each week, companies around the world are achieving significant productivity, efficiency, and reliability improvements through advanced data analysis and visualisation. The highly-scalable software platform has an enterprise data historian that efficiently archives and quickly retrieves time-series data, in both business and operational environments. Lossless compression technology minimises the required storage capacity while maintaining original data resolution.

eDNA Enterprise Data Management’s standard interface library is equipment and manufacturer-agnostic, enabling you to link to hundreds of business, control, and automation systems. Its distributed services architecture processes information on a single server or enables distribution on multiple servers throughout a series of networks, allowing unlimited scalability.

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Scalable Access to Real-Time Information

eDNA Enterprise Data Management offers real-time company-wide data management that bridges the IT/OT information gap. It collects, stores, displays, analyses and reports on operational and asset health related information for more timely and informed decisions.

Accurate Historian
Fault Tolerance
Million Tags
Time Resolution

eDNA Enterprise Data Management Features

Advanced client tools, application programming interfaces, and web technology allow company-wide access to information for transformation into actionable insight.

Protect Data Integrity

eDNA Enterprise Data Management uses advanced, lossless data compression to maintain information integrity. Redundancy enables high availability and fault-tolerant 24/7 collection and access to real-time data.

Visualize and Act

Having real-time access to critical data in the right format and at the right time transforms raw data into insights for timely and informed decision support. eDNA Enterprise Data Management presents real-time and historical data through advanced client tools. A predefined function library helps users define custom calculations and expressions.

Future-proof Value

An integral part of operations, eDNA Enterprise Data Management delivers continuous value year after year as it scales to meet your growing data management needs. Native databridge capabilities can be easily replicated across the network from plant-level historian to eDNA Enterprise Data Management, and seamlessly integrate with ERP, CMMS and other business systems.

Report, Alert, and Notify

Secure valuable data and ensure that the right data gets into the right hands while addressing complex security and compliance requirements. Access raw and aggregated information in a specified format or through ad-hoc queries. Send an email or text message to a computer or mobile device with alarm information.

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