Smart Infrastructure Solutions for Uber-Connected Networks

Municipal operations, transportation networks, buildings, facilities and campuses, public utilities, and Smart Cities provide the infrastructure upon which we depend for just about everything. The more efficiently and effectively they are run, the greater their contribution to the health, well-being, and safety of all who use them. Addressing urbanisation, overpopulation, congestion, pollution, security, and other critical infrastructure challenges requires complex networks that must operate effectively, efficiently, and safely. However, a proliferation of sub-systems, hardware devices, connected and manually-intensive data sources, and operational silos demands a different approach to solving the interconnected challenges facing infrastructure operators.

Systems thinking is not a new concept to Systems Engineers. A deep understanding of the way components interact, interrelate, and interdepend to form a complex and unified system is at the heart of any well-designed monitoring and control system. In the complex world of smart infrastructure, the need for systems thinking has never been greater. From Smart Cities to campus management, to integrated traffic control, to smart airport operations, the interaction between people, process, and technology requires a single view to derive operational insights.


The Challenge for Infrastructure Management

Municipal operations, transportation, national defence and public utilities provide the infrastructure on which we depend heavily for just about everything we do.

Gautrain is a state-of-the art commuter service connecting OR Tambo international airport, Johannesburg and Pretoria – the busiest hub in the country. Its construction meant overcoming geological as well as well as logistics problems by having to tunnel under and through some of the busiest populated business centres. Transnet is the largest and most crucial part of the freight logistics chain that delivers goods to each and every South African. Every day Transnet delivers thousands of tons of goods around South Africa, through its pipelines and both to and from its ports. It moves that cargo on to ships for export while it unloads goods from overseas. Perhaps one of Transnet’s most notable achievements is the 860km rail link between the Sishen iron ore mine in the Northern Cape to the Port of Saldanha. These trains are nearly 4kms long and weigh in excess of 40 000 tons. More than 3,000 of these RDP trains have been operated since launched in December 2007.

Ultimate Integration and Interoperability

  • Access real-time monitoring and control using proven software and communication technologies.
  • Connect numerous sub-systems (software and devices) to enable decisions based on all information available.
  • Break down application and information silos to deliver holistic, end-to-end operations and outcomes.

Optimise Efficiency and Return on Assets

  • Improve operational efficiency with a single view into all sub-systems.
  • Enhance decision making with situational awareness.
  • Drive cross-organisational collaboration to improve processes and emergency procedures.
  • Adopt proactive asset maintenance practices to maximise capital investment decisions.

Security and Regulatory Compliance

  • Improve regulatory reporting and compliance activities with a “single version of the truth” for process and operations.
  • Enable secure operations with flexible architectures and solutions.
  • Drive complete operational transparency with real-time information and historical data for incident management and reporting.

Exceed Service Levels and Satisfaction

  • Ensure the highest levels of customer satisfaction with real-time information flow, situationally-aware issue notification, and instructive, workflow-driven resolution.
  • Provide a single, holistic view of operations, with a specific emphasis on the interconnected nature of infrastructure projects.

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