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MaxiMyse 2016 overview – converging IT and OT

Wonderware Southern Africa’s 7th annual MaxiMyse Partner Conference was held on 20th October 2016 and, with more than 150 attending delegates, retained its status as the largest conference of its kind on the African continent. MaxiMyse is a one-day forum to inform Wonderware Southern Africa’s system integrator partners of the business opportunities that will be presenting themselves as the result of new technologies, a changing market or both.

“This year’s conference showed our 72 registered SIs the accelerating pace of technological development in the industrial information and control sector more dramatically than ever before,” said Deon Barnard, MD of Wonderware Southern Africa. “The advent of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), cloud computing and the increased intelligence being built into industrial decision support systems in order to make business and operational sense of it all, is giving manufacturing and mining companies an unprecedented level of intelligence and control. It’s also giving system integrators and other solution providers some excellent opportunities for diversification and growing their businesses.”

MaxiMyse 2016 featured presentations from many local and international industry professional well versed in the complexities of conducting profitable business in today’s challenging and competitive world of industrial automation and industrial IT. Technology and product information shared the stage equally with the business opportunities available to system integrators through the application of Wonderware and partner solutions.

On the technology front

New Wonderware product releases

Wonderware InTouch Omni

For thirty years, Wonderware’s InTouch has been industry’s favourite SCADA/HMI solution worldwide. It’s looked after its clients by always providing a seamless upgrade path to new releases and what’s coming in early 2017 is its biggest evolutionary step in three decades – InTouch Omni.

Built on the foundation of Wonderware System Platform, Wonderware InTouch for System Platform and benefitting from years of experience and development, InTouch Omni operates with legacy HMI/SCADA systems as well as with the most sophisticated control room hardware or with popular handheld mobile devices, such as tablets and smartphones.

Improvements include an enhanced User Interface visual experience, expanded web-based access and a greater ability to access and aggregate Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) data. The result is a new industrial software solution that leap-frogs traditional HMI/SCADA systems and all current industry offerings. In fact, so dramatic and comprehensive is InTouch’s next incarnation, that a new industry descriptive term has been coined – Operations Management Interface, or OMI (presumably what its competitors will say).

According to Rob Kambach, Product Manager Next Generation Visualisation & Application Server, Schneider Electric Software – USA, the top reasons to invest in this new OMI solution – as a developer or as an end user – are to drive better engineering excellence and efficiency and to reduce product lifecycle costs.

Wonderware Online InStudio

InStudio is a revolutionary new IaaS product which complements Wonderware Development Studio software to help with rapid project creation, project archiving, capacity and storage on-demand and to manage multiple Wonderware development projects simply, easily and securely – and all with multiple developers on each project.

By removing the need to incur up-front hardware costs and inconvenience at the development phase of projects, InStudio starts saving time and expense from day one.

Wonderware Prometheus

Managing control strategies, code and standards across many PLCs and SCADA/HMI systems is a huge challenge and a heavy burden for any organisation. Prometheus is the industry’s first universal configuration solution that defines, programmes and documents control code into all control systems from the HMI to PLCs and I/O.

Other products and approaches

  • Manufacturing Operations Transformations
  • MES Model-driven Solutions
  • Industrial Information Management processes
  • Enterprise Asset Management
  • InTouch Machine Edition (the powerful and affordable HMI/SCADA software for PCs, industrial panels, embedded and mobile devices)
  • PRiSM, the advanced pattern recognition software that provides early indication of potential equipment problems
  • The latest release of Software Toolbox’s TOP Server
  • Line Performance Suite of solutions for the F&B as well as CPG industries
  • Detailed processes for managing closed loop IIoT operations.

Technology trends

Cloud, SaaS and managed solutions – In the 1990s, the idea of a Windows-based HMI was thought impossible – and yet InTouch was born. In 2012, Virtualisation was considered impossible – but try to do without it now.

Almost two-thirds of manufacturing firms say they will pursue “cloud-first” or “cloud-also” strategies in the future, according to a new study from International Data Corporation (IDC). Publically-available services are winning hands-down over their private and hybrid counterparts such that SaaS alone was worth $53B in 2015, followed by IaaS at $25B.

IIoT – The explosive growth in the IIoT will have a remarkable impact on manufacturing and infrastructure.  Factories, worksites, cities are among the entities that will be impacted the most. According to Didier Collas, Technical Sales Manager – Global Solutions, Schneider Electric Software – Europe, Russia & Africa, it’s the applications and solutions that enable actual business value and not connectivity or hype that will be the driving force for the adoption and use of the IIoT

Business and Technology trends

Figure 4 shows how the market environment is forcing businesses to focus on their key imperatives through the adoption of technologies such as:

  • Leveraging cloud technology where it brings business value to deploy off premise
  • Leveraging the vast amount of information and smart devices to ensure contextual  and timely decisions
  • Make this context available to the remote workforce, on their device of choice
  • Support the identification of untapped opportunities and expose hidden risks buried inside Big Data – all in real time – with the power of predictive analytics.

On the business front

The Business Development Track was again a great success and designed to empower SI sales and business development teams by providing insights into the use of existing decision-support solutions and identifying the opportunities which Industry 4.0 presents.

Strategic initiatives

Wonderware is basing its short to mid-term strategy on three business growth drivers:

  •  Industry Solutions: This includes the introduction of integrated, industry-specific solutions which will contribute to easier deployment and faster time to value for customers. Such solutions already exist for refineries, CPG companies, water network operators, smelter, concentrator and cement kiln operators as well as the mining supply chain.
  •  Leveraging Wonderware’s platform leadership for IIoT: Wonderware is a market leader with a large installed base and an equally large channel of partners qualified and equipped to extend IIoT capability to wherever it’s needed.
  •  Enabling new consumption models: Making use of Cloud-based applications to lower TCO and subscription models for flexibility.

Identifying Industry 4.0 opportunities

The introduction of the IIoT and Cloud computing presents a world of opportunities and some challenges to the traditional way solutions are implemented.

What are the megatrends and macro-economic forces shaping our future (and its production facilities)?

Software technology trends

  • Software Technology Trends: After decades of pressure, IT and OT are converging (as if they ever needed to be apart in the first place).
  • The number of software companies is increasing as customers look for integrated, standards-driven, software-defined systems that can operate anywhere and make use of Cloud-based services and analytics to lower costs and improve convenience and accessibility.

Hardware technology trends

  • Increased virtualisation: less dependence on physical hardware and more Cloud-based applications
  • Industry 4.0 IIoT products everywhere
  • Chips are being developed for the IIoT: Intel has a PLC on a chip with embedded TSN, HMI and security.
  • Robotics and 3D printing are growing
  • Distributed devices (not just instruments)


  • Mobility: Intelligence everywhere with people and mobile devices
  • Engineering simplicity: includes 3D modelling and simulation, virtual commissioning, digital twin, project decisions and more.
  • Workforce dynamics: changing workforce, multidisciplinary knowledge, shorter time in one position, digital immigrants vs digital natives.


  • Coping with ageing assets
  • Pressure to lower costs
  • Dynamic customer requirements requiring agility to respond: Any operational system (automation, MES, etc.) deployed today will most likely still be around for the next ten years. Will the system you buy today enable agility and adaptation on create inertia?
  • Ageing workforce in manufacturing

Industrial decision support

A solution that is rapidly getting wide acceptance in industry because of its cost / performance index is Flow Software. Based on the axiom that “you can’t manage what you can’t measure”, Flow provides access to virtually all data sources and databases in order to aggregate data into decision support information for the KPIs that matter at every level of the organisation.

And it does so quickly, thereby reducing risk, implementation costs and time-to-value.

It even has a smartphone app that focuses on collaboration and is very different from what you might know of existing applications of this nature.

Find out more about this amazing decision-support tool on our web site.

Takeaway and conclusions

  • Wonderware is changing the Industrial Automation rules by breaking down the barriers between IT and OT
  • After more than half a century of bitter separation and animosity, Industry 4.0 is making companies realise that IT and OT were never meant to be apart in the first place.
  • Business and operational intelligence doesn’t only depend on data but rather on how one uses that data to make profit/loss decisions.
  • Changing market trends demand product variances and changes which, in turn, will only happen through production innovation and versatility. Inertia is no longer an option.
  • End users and system integrators have never had it so good with respect to versatile problem-solving tools at all levels.

So, if you’re a system integrator in the industrial marketplace and weren’t at MaxiMyse 2016, we’ve tried here to provide you with the essence of what you missed. You don’t have to use or be convinced of the effectiveness of Wonderware solutions to attend MaxiMyse 2017. All you need to think about is how we could have helped you do whatever you have in mind for 2018 if you don’t attend.