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Christian Hansen chooses Wonderware for MES project

A major Culture IT and Automation programme (CIA) that will prepare Chr. Hansen’s culture production for the future is about to begin…

After two years of preparatory work, the MES project, CIA, (Culture IT and Automation) at Chr. Hansen is turning into reality and Wonderware is the chosen supplier for the project. “A master agreement has been signed and now we are just working out the details”, says Erik Borgensgaard, Programme Manager at Chr. Hansen.

“We are very excited about our agreement with Chr. Hansen and look forward to supplying them with the benefits they will reap from their new Wonderware MES/EMI solution”, says Christopher S. Ashworth, Managing Director for Wonderware Scandinavia. “We already have a strategic relationship established with Chr. Hansen’s professional team. We have combined the strength of our global organization in North America and EMEA, with our local talent in Scandinavia, to ensure that Chr. Hansen’s expectations for the present and future are exceeded.”

“Chr. Hansen is an important new customer for Wonderware. With this agreement we have proven our solution’s strengths by addressing both the corporate IT requirements with a leading edge technology platform as well as the users’ requirements with our highly configurable MES/EMI application, which is hosted by our ArchestrA based Application Server infrastructure”, says Jan Rasmussen, MES Director of Sales – Wonderware EMEA.

“Wonderware is currently assisting Chr. Hansen in Denmark with deploying a strategic, multi-site MES program with the help of both North American and local Danish resources,” says Jonathan L. Miller, Director of Global Project Services, Wonderware. “The project team is currently in the design phase and proceeding well. Chr. Hansen has proven to be a pleasure to work with on this project. Not only have they performed a significant amount of preparatory work to define their needs, but they have also reinforced their commitment to success by providing a number of top-notch resources from their side. That represents a cohesive, cross-functional and well-organized team that has already proven quite effective in collaborating with our own delivery resources. In terms of potential challenges presented by the finished solution, the combined team is looking forward to tackling them together”, Miller continues.

A true next level move

“This is a huge step that will lift Chr. Hansen’s entire IT infrastructure onto a whole new level. CIA will provide more data and create a better foundation for decision-making (the right information at the right time in the right place). Furthermore, it will improve follow-ups and documentation, which is something that is becoming increasingly important to our customers,” says Erik Borgensgaard. “With the agreement in place, we have now created a plan for the next three years. This brings us a sense of security and the ability to work in peace. We feel utterly confident that Wonderware will deliver on their promise”.

“We chose Wonderware as they were the ones to offer the overall best technology. We liked their combination of a strong IT Platform and their rich configurable MES/EMI Application modules. Having the flexibility and adaptability to address new market requirements is something of great importance to Chr. Hansen. Features to support this are built in as core functionality in the Wonderware ArchestrA framework. We expect that over time Wonderware’s technology will provide the best return on investment for Chr. Hansen. We see it as a particularly great advantage that both Level 2 (SCADA/HMI) and Level 3 (MES/EMI and Integration) functionalities are implemented with one common tool and system,” says Erik Borgensgaard.

More time for important things

All culture production sites (USA, France, Germany and Denmark) are included in the MES project CIA, starting with the new plant in Avedøre, DK, in September 2009.

With automated production systems, there will be less manual labour and the process operators will have more time left over for problem solving. “It will be easier. However, of course it will take some time to get used to, as is always the case when you are working in new systems and with new procedures,” says Lars Svarer Johansen, Project Coordinator. “There will be less routine work and more information to relate to, but it will be available in one common system. Chr. Hansen is among the lead runners in this area”, he continues. “The computer screen layout will be designed to make life as easy as possible for process operators, and planners will get a brand new planning system. More than 1,000 configuration parameters will be tailor-made to meet the specific needs of Chr. Hansen.”

Taking out complexity

CIA will ensure a more uniform way of doing things on a global scale in order to make it both faster and easier to transfer production and people between the countries. In addition, six servers (the IT architecture platform) will be put in place locally. This will increase production security and facilitate a better data traffic performance. “In short, CIA will protect Chr. Hansen’s business and gear it up for the future,” Erik and Lars concludes.

“Wonderware provides professional project delivery services to our customers through the Global Project Services team. Global Project Services is composed of project managers, consultants and experienced delivery resources located throughout the world that specialise in delivering MES solutions to our customers. The Global Project Services team leverages our subject matter expertise with regard to MES and Wonderware Operations and Performance Software, our proven delivery methodology and the solid relationships we have with our Endorsed Systems Integrator partners in order to provide our customers with the best possible team and solution for their specific needs,” says Miller.

John Ristey, Project Manager, Global Project Services says that “The opportunity to work with the Chr. Hansen team in a phased project approach has been highly beneficial. We have been able to build strong relationships with the core Chr. Hansen team members during the Functional Requirements phase. These relationships, as well as a thorough understanding of the company’s requirements, will pave the way for successful design, development and implementation phases. Another key factor that will contribute to success is the core Chr. Hansen project team who provide expertise in user requirements, interfaces, the automation layer and higher level business systems.”

Facts about CIA

The CIA project is a new global production IT system focusing on automation. CIA is instrumental for Chr. Hansen in reaching their strategic goals as a robust, smooth and efficient producer and it is vital in order to sustain their constantly increasing culture sales. CIA is the biggest IT project in Chr. Hansen in ten years.

More than 1,000 configuration parameters will be tailor-made to meet the specific needs of Chr. Hansen.

About Chr. Hansen

Chr. Hansen develops natural ingredient solutions such as cultures, enzymes, colours and functional blends in close cooperation with its customers and partners. Their ingredients are used in the food, pharmaceutical, nutritional and agricultural industries.

“Unknown but everywhere”, Chr. Hansen is a very special kind of company. Virtually unknown outside its specialised field, several hundred million people around the world enjoy its products every day in the foods they eat.

The company’s natural ingredients are vital constituents of customer products – ingredients such as the coagulants and cultures that give cheeses their individual character. The range today is much broader than the dairy ingredients on which the business was founded more than 130 years ago.