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Leading chemical companies rely on AVEVA to actively drive value, agility, and sustainability throughout their asset lifecycle. We apply our software and services to optimise capital projects and continuously improve plant and facilities operations.

South Africa’s chemical industry is of substantial economic significance to the country, contributing around 5% to the gross domestic product (GDP) and approximately 25% of its manufacturing sales. The industry is the largest of its kind in Africa. It is highly complex and widely diversified, with end products often being composed of a number of chemicals which have been combined in some way to provide the required properties and characteristics.

The synthetic coal and natural gas-based liquid fuels and petrochemicals industry is prominent, with South Africa being world leader in coal-based synthesis and gas-to-liquids (GTL) technologies. The primary and secondary sectors are dominated by Sasol (through Sasol Chemical Industries and Sasol Polymers), AECI and Dow Sentrachem. These companies have recently diversified and expanded their interests in tertiary products, especially those with export potential.

Optimised Capital Projects

Own and manage your plant data intelligently throughout the asset lifecycle, whether you are constructing a new chemicals facility or working on a brownfield asset.

  • Streamline your project processes, cut schedules, and boost collaboration with integrated engineering and design.
  • Manage risk and reduce overruns with integrated Enterprise Resource Management.
  • Manage risk and enhance partner relationships through an integrated contract management platform.
  • Take full advantage of laser scanning and 3D data capture.
  • Enjoy the flexibility of solutions available in the cloud, as SaaS and on-premise.

Smarter, Safer Operations

Lower waste, minimise safety incidents, manage risk, and manage agile chemicals production with immediate access to integrated, accurate data in your everyday operations.

We provide solutions for

  • Manage your remediation projects and reduce unit costs with intelligent information management
  • Discover complete operations technology with Enterprise Asset Management
  • Use agile, integrated process simulation to monitor and optimise yields, control your energy use and emissions, ensure quality compliance and operational efficiency.
  • Streamline your partner relationships with Supply Chain Management and Workflow Management.
  • Continuously improve your processes, engineering, operations and maintenance.

AVEVA’s IE&D portfolio enables multi-discipline teams to create, refine, and communicate engineering and design information in real time, from anywhere in the world. With more effective communication and efficient change management, teams can arrive more quickly at a final, clash-free, and optimised design.

AVEVA’s Information Management portfolio creates a network of contextualised information which acts as the backbone of the Digital Twin. Assessment against managed information standards (including CFIHOS) means you can trust in the quality of your information, so that the value of engineering data is realised throughout the asset lifecycle.

The AVEVA ProCon contract management system connects all decision makers to protect capital investment, drive performance, and improve profitability by managing all commercial activity at every phase of the strategic asset’s lifecycle in a holistic system. These tools can be combined with real-time contract analytics software and integration technologies.

AVEVA’s ERM solution supports the entire project execution process, from initial project planning and material identification, through design, procurement and logistics, to construction work pack planning and control.

AVEVA LFM offers cost competitive, low-risk 3D data capture that enables you to visualise your plant as-operated, and provides integrated, accurate plant data spanning the asset lifecycle. Meanwhile, best-in-class productivity features are complemented by LFM’s unique ability to integrate high-resolution laser scan data with new design – both in the 3D design environment and in its drawing deliverables.

Whether you need to increase efficiency, productivity or profitability, SimCentral Simulation Platform can create your plant’s Digital Twin for use across the process lifecycle. With increasingly detailed process information, you can compare actual plant status against your simulation model to see and understand unit performance monitoring and real-time optimisation.

Challenges facing the Chemicals industry

Sustaining regulatory compliance

Achieved through detailed process information and control in real time as well as personnel workflow mapping.

Increasing the plant or facility’s Sales Value Of Production (SVOP)

This involves contributing to sustainability by easing the environmental, health and safety compliance concerns that are increasingly occupying the minds of business leaders in this sector.

In addition: 

  • Improving asset utilization
  • Reduce waste
  • Increase yields
  • Improve profitability
  • Decrease variability in process performance
  • Increase production capacity
  • Easier and faster data analysis and knowledge management
  • Improve workflow and collaboration
  • Reduce inventory (and need to stockpile)
  • Improve agility and response to operational variances
  • Capitalising on new technologies (e.g. the IIoT)

Sustaining regulatory compliance

Achieved through detailed process information and control in real time as well as personnel workflow mapping.

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