Maximise Return on Asset Investments

Digital Transformation empowers organisations to shift from reactive maintenance to predictive maintenance (PdM) strategies. This enables front line personnel to act before costly failures occur and maximise value throughout the entire asset lifecycle. We offer the most comprehensive Asset Performance Management (APM) platform to help our customers exceed reliability, safety, and performance goals. Our solution leverages enterprise data capture, cloud, augmented reality, and analysis coupled with executable actions to enable optimised maintenance and improved profitability.

of Millions Saved with Predictive Analytics
Reduction in Maintenance Costs
Improvement in Workforce Efficiency
Reduction in Unplanned Downtime

Asset Performance Management 4.0

Drive measurable results to your bottom line

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Strategy Optimization for Asset Performance

Developing an APM strategy enables companies to balance asset utilisation, cost control, and regulatory compliance, and shows how people, processes, and technology can drive optimal performance. We offer comprehensive APM Assessments, Consulting Services and Risk-based Maintenance to help our customers optimize their APM strategies.

Supervisory Control

Our information management portfolio includes Historian, Intelligence, and reporting tools that enable organisations to bridge the IT/OT information gap, access data throughout the enterprise, and analyse that data to gain actionable insights.

Asset Analysis

Maximising return on capital investments, including ensuring assets are running as safely and reliably as possible, is key to improving profitability. Proactive and predictive maintenance empowers personnel to act before costly failures or downtime occurs. Our comprehensive analytics solutions enable customers to proactively plan maintenance and reduce costs.


World class Enterprise Asset Management is the foundation of an APM strategy. We offer advanced solutions leveraging cloud, mobility, and augmented reality to transform and empower the mobile workforce, increase collaboration, provide comprehensive asset and materials management, and efficient maintenance execution to optimise the availability of all assets.

The world’s most advanced and comprehensive Asset Performance Management portfolio